let’s keep it flowinglet’s keep it going

Every child deserves a backpack

and some school supplies

for the upcoming school year

Welcome to the very first project ever undertaken by DOLLAR FOR HUMANITY!

Together, DOLLAR FOR HUMANITY and RIVER FUND are demonstrating the power of ONE : The power of ONE dollar. The power of ONE person. The power of ONE purpose. All combining to be ONE community that takes ONE important action—together!

DOLLAR FOR HUMANITY believes that, as individuals, we can do more with the power of community if everyone is equal. This means that when everyone contributes equally then everyone is valued equally. If everybody works equally hard to get everybody they know involved, we can make life better for all we can collectively touch.

The task at hand

RIVER FUND is a Frontline Poverty Center in New York City that fights poverty employing a “Family by Family Approach” with three channels:—

  • Food Access Services;
  • Benefits Access Services;
  • and our unique Cradle to College Initiative.

Channels one and two stabilize the family, and stop the deeper descent into the quicksand of poverty. Channel three breaks the cycle of poverty through education-related supports to children.

We provide these supports from as early as birth and persist with perseverance all the way through the child’s school life. Then we continue through college or trade school until we get the child into a proper income-generating occupation. Hence, RIVER FUND positions children of poor families on a trajectory for success as adults. And they in turn become the engine that pulls their families and neighborhoods forward.

RIVER FUND currently serves 33,000 families. Right now, we still need backpacks and school supply kits for 4,000 of our children for the upcoming school year.

The DOLLAR FOR HUMANITY community will raise $75,000 for our 2021 Back to School Program—one of the many annual elements in our Cradle to College Initiative.

This is urgent

For this endeavor to be successful, at least $45,000 of the $75,000 target must be raised by Friday, August 13. The balance of $30,000 must be raised by Friday, September 10. Why these deadlines?

RIVER FUND’s Back-to-School distribution kicks off on Saturday, August 14. That’s Child Poverty Awareness Day. On that day alone, more than half of all the backpacks and school supplies will be given out. The distribution will continue until all 4,000 sets are gone. It is important for this entire effort to be completed by Saturday, September 11, because New York City schools reopen on Monday, September 13.

Your ONE dollar counts

Please join this effort. Give ONE dollar. Tell your friends. Help us build ONE community with ONE purpose. And let’s get this ONE thing done. Today. Then, together, we can do more tomorrow.

Thank you.

RIVER FUND: Child Poverty Awareness Day On the second weekend in August, RIVER FUND kicks off the Back-to-School distribution of backpacks and school supplies at our annual Child Poverty Awareness Day.